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North Carolina Speeding Ticket Attorney

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North Carolina Speeding Ticket Attorney
Traffic Law and Criminal Law
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Focused Practice in Criminal LawTraffic, and Driving while Impaired

Payncticket results in an insurance increase from speeding citations, results in points on drivers licenses and higher insurance rates. We handle cases in Asheville - Buncombe County,  Columbus - Polk CountyMarshall - Madison County, Burnsville - Yancey County, Waynesville - Haywood CountyHendersonville - Henderson CountyMorganton - Burke countyMarion - McDowell CountyBevard - Transylvania County,Franklin - Macon County, Bryson City, Swain County, and Sylva - Jackson County

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a qualified, experienced, and aggressive defense lawyer who will fight for you. The Law office of Curtis Alan Sluder, and Associate Vijay Nathan, are here to provide that representation to you. We strive to be different from many other defense attorneys. We focus our practice on North Carolina Criminal Law, and I have been since I began my office in 1998. I have successfully defended people who have been charged with misdemeanors as minor as shoplifting and speeding tickets,  hundreds of driving impaired charges, and some felony matters as well.  We have helped a great number of people get their drivers licenses returned to them, and provide sound advice on how to negotiate the maze of DMV regulations and rules to prevent losing your license again.. No matter what your charges are, I take your defense seriously. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a MINOR charge. It matters to me, and should matter to you, as well.


Our practice is the only Traffic and Criminal Practice in WNC to cover 9 counties along Interstate 40 and Interstate 26, as well as Jackson and Transylvania Counties.

Interstate 26, Interstate 40, US Highway 19, US Highway 23, US Highway 25, US Highway 70.

We handle speeding tickets, citations, stop sign, red light, traffic signal, accident, crash, following too closely, unsafe passing, driving left of center, reckless driving, dwi, dui, driving while impaired, driving under the influence, driving while license revoked, dwlr, simple posession possession, drug paraphernalia, misdemeanor, felony, expunction,criminal defense. Call us before using or free 

Our Goals
  • To inform you of the charges you are facing and the likely consequences
  • To make each client feel like the only client.
  • To save you money on insurance.
  • To protect your rights, and defend your interests aggressively.

We have represented tens of thousands and thousands of motorists, from all 50 states, and 4 foreign countries. Now in our 16th year of protecting your rights.  We have saved these drivers literally millions of dollars in potential insurance increases.

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